Lithium Labs: 2011 – 2014

I founded Lithium Labs in 2011. It was bootstrapped by the proceeds I received after selling Aschmann Media Group (Social Media Startup). The idea was born by recognizing the impact, and potential, mobile apps could have in the enterprise space. The original mission statement was:

“Lithium Labs provides a full suite of services for designing, developing, implementing and maintaining an enterprise mobility solution. We support all major mobile operating systems and hardware including iPad, iPhone Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbol and Intermec.”

The product/application portfolio of the company was seeded by a few mobile apps I had already released, and were being used widely in the SAP space. All of them were free from the various App Stores, the primary objective of these apps were for me to personally learn about the technologies and platforms, and the secondary objective, was to draw awareness to Lithium Labs as a company, and provide an example of what was possible. One of the most popular free apps which I developed under the Lithium Labs portfolio was “SAP Note Viewer”, with 12K downloads. read more

Implementing LLMs in our internal mobile apps: Design, Demos, and Deployment

This is a summary/blog of my presentation which I recently gave internally at SAP during the One SAP Mobile Summit. The event brings some of the best and likeminded SAP mobility related groups and teams together during a week long, in-person, and virtual summit.


This is another blog post of a series around the enterprise mobility IT team at SAP. We are an internal team focused on managing mobile devices, mobile applications, and developing custom apps for SAP’s 110,000 employees. I believe we have some unique stories, software, tools, and insights to help others in the community considering, or currently undertaking, some of the challenges which surround mobility and its adoption in the enterprise. As an SAP champion, I enjoy sharing and promoting my experiences and knowledge with others through the SAP Community, if you enjoy this post, check out some of my past content. read more

Apple Shortcuts Gallery

Siri Shortcuts deliver a quick way to get things done with your apps with just a tap or by asking Siri. The Shortcuts app on your phone enables you to create personal shortcuts with multiple steps from your favorite apps. Shortcuts are powerful tools and easily shared.

The Apple Shortcut Gallery is a simple web application with a user created collection of Apple Shortcuts, or Siri Shortcuts. Start from hundreds of examples in the Gallery or drag and drop to create your own. This gallery is a way to share those you find valuable for others.

[This idea was generated by my previous manager, and I think it was a solid idea or concept to build, but I think internally to an organization, these types of applications generally don’t get or receive the attention they deserve.] read more

Side project: HighlighTV

HighlighTV was developed to address the market of non-main stream sports highlights and videos on the Apple TV platform. I was personally tired of searching for new, exciting and interesting videos by opening blogs, magazines and websites on a daily basis. RSS helped me considerably but there was a lack of connection between my RSS reader (Feedly) and my Apple TV to watch the content when I had the free time.

It seems there is this disconnect between me exploring and finding content, and when I subsequently want to consume it. I visit around 4 – 6 websites daily to catch up on news and events and I often find content which I would like watch or read, but seldomly have the time right then and then to do it. Facebook has “Save for later”, Feedly has “”, Twitter, I store bookmarks of this type of content in Evernote, etc. all these main stream apps are aware of the problem, but as usual, there is no central consolidated way to quickly find something, and dependent on the device I am on, give me the option to consume it. The tagline for HighlighTV is: read more

iOS App: Snapswing

This was a fun project app, I often used my iPhone to record my golf swing at the range or in my golf simulator, but it was always time consuming and tedious to “hit record” – hit a golf shot – “hit stop”. I sometimes missed the shot, had too long of a lead in, lead out or was interrupted. Trying to solve this I thought of multiple ways that “just the swing” could be recorded; a button to record, stop? Machine learning with various “hit boxes” using video or using “Sound” as a trigger for the shot, which is what I ultimately ended up using. Setup your phone, hit record and just het shot would be recorded 🙂 Essentially I created an app that has a temporary video capture buffer, and that each shot gets clipped and trimmed for each ball hit. Pretty simple and effective. read more

iOS App: iMessage App – Stick Figure Family

This was my first foray into iMessage Apps, and while extremely basic, was pretty fun to develop and deploy. Check it out in the App Store.

Stick Figs for iMessage let you add a variety of different stick figures representing you, your family and your pets. Use the sticks to add context to images and text you share with your friends and family, giving your messages and photos a personalized touch, and showing you care about your family. This collection has over 30 different variations for all occasions.

iOS App: KB Manager

I was trying to replicate the success of the SAP Note Viewer app over to the Microsoft Community since they have a similar concept to SAP Notes, in the form of KB articles. The app did OK with roughly 6K downloads in its lifetime, but ultimately not nearly as well as the SAP Note Viewer (15K downloads). I believe I should have put a bit more effort and focus on this app at the time, the user base is considerably bigger versus the SAP base, so it had the potential to grow into something considerably more substantial. As enterprise companies recognized the missed opportunity, many of them have started to offer their own support options, and the web has become considerably more responsive, enough to where native apps are not always needed. read more