List: My Apps

List of Apple Apps I have designed, developed and published.

IconAppAboutPlatformPurposeBlog Post
HighlighTVI wanted a way to watch a variety of sports highlights from a single application and not miss out on the best videos being published today.iOSPersonalPost
Snap SwingSnap Swing is a great way to capture events and actions without needing to stop and start your cameraiOSPersonalPost
metric2 for iPhonemetric² is a admin dashboard for SAP HANA. It provides an overview of the performance and availability of your HANA instance.iPhoneLi LabsPost
SAP Note Viewer for iPhoneSAP Note Viewer for iPhone is a simple and easy to use application for searching, viewing and managing SAP Notes.iOSLi LabsPost
SAP Note Viewer for iPadSAP Note Viewer for iPad is a simple and easy to use application for searching, viewing and managing SAP Notes.iOSLi LabsPost
Proximity Production SupervisorThe production floor is a dynamically changing environment. From expedite orders to first article production runs, there is never a dull moment for production supervisors.iOSLi LabsPost
Field Service EngineeriOSLi Labs
SAP Note ViewerSAP Note Viewer for Mac is a simple and easy to use application for searching, viewing and managing SAP Notes.macOSLi LabsPost
Production Insights for SAPProduction Insights for SAP gives production and operations managers, planners and personnel an overview of manufacturing performance and progress on their iPads.iOSLi LabsPost
KB ManagerKB Manager agives system admins and IT Professionals the ability to save links to their important Microsoft KB articles on their iPhone or iPad.iOSLi LabsPost
zSCN for SAP SCNzSCN for SAP SCN makes reading the SAP Community Network easier and quicker.iOSLi LabsPost
Blaze for SAP Netweaver GatewayBlaze for SAP Netweaver Gateway gives you the ability to browse and save your Gateway OData requests on your iPad.iOSLi LabsPost
Supplier AnalyticsAutomotive Supplier Analytics for SAP is an enterprise application designed to give you insight into your companies day to day performance using dashboards and analytics.iOSLi LabsPost
Insight for SAPInsights for SAP is a app which brings news in and around the SAP space to a single easy to use and navigate application.iOSLi LabsPost
iCRM for SAPiCRM for SAP is a free enterprise app which lets you view CRM data from your iPad.iOSLi LabsPost
Stick Figs for iMessageStick Figs for iMessage let you add a variety of different stick figures representing you, your family and your pets.iOS/Message AppPersonalPost
SPOTSPOT – A Mobile App for Manufacturers RepresentativesWAPP/WebLi LabsPost
Frito LayA waste report dashboard and app for an iPadiOSLi LabsPost

Side project: HighlighTV

HighlighTV was developed to address the market of non-main stream sports highlights and videos on the Apple TV platform. I was personally tired of searching for new, exciting and interesting videos by opening blogs, magazines and websites on a daily basis. RSS helped me considerably but there was a lack of connection between my RSS reader (Feedly) and my Apple TV to watch the content when I had the free time.

It seems there is this disconnect between me exploring and finding content, and when I subsequently want to consume it. I visit around 4 – 6 websites daily to catch up on news and events and I often find content which I would like watch or read, but seldomly have the time right then and then to do it. Facebook has “Save for later”, Feedly has “”, Twitter, I store bookmarks of this type of content in Evernote, etc. all these main stream apps are aware of the problem, but as usual, there is no central consolidated way to quickly find something, and dependent on the device I am on, give me the option to consume it. The tagline for HighlighTV is: read more

iOS App: Snapswing

This was a fun project app, I often used my iPhone to record my golf swing at the range or in my golf simulator, but it was always time consuming and tedious to “hit record” – hit a golf shot – “hit stop”. I sometimes missed the shot, had too long of a lead in, lead out or was interrupted. Trying to solve this I thought of multiple ways that “just the swing” could be recorded; a button to record, stop? Machine learning with various “hit boxes” using video or using “Sound” as a trigger for the shot, which is what I ultimately ended up using. Setup your phone, hit record and just het shot would be recorded 🙂 Essentially I created an app that has a temporary video capture buffer, and that each shot gets clipped and trimmed for each ball hit. Pretty simple and effective. read more

iOS App: iMessage App – Stick Figure Family

This was my first foray into iMessage Apps, and while extremely basic, was pretty fun to develop and deploy. Check it out in the App Store.

Stick Figs for iMessage let you add a variety of different stick figures representing you, your family and your pets. Use the sticks to add context to images and text you share with your friends and family, giving your messages and photos a personalized touch, and showing you care about your family. This collection has over 30 different variations for all occasions.

iOS App: KB Manager

I was trying to replicate the success of the SAP Note Viewer app over to the Microsoft Community since they have a similar concept to SAP Notes, in the form of KB articles. The app did OK with roughly 6K downloads in its lifetime, but ultimately not nearly as well as the SAP Note Viewer (15K downloads). I believe I should have put a bit more effort and focus on this app at the time, the user base is considerably bigger versus the SAP base, so it had the potential to grow into something considerably more substantial. As enterprise companies recognized the missed opportunity, many of them have started to offer their own support options, and the web has become considerably more responsive, enough to where native apps are not always needed. read more

iOS App: Proximity Supervisor

Proximity was Part 1 of an exploratory app for Javelin Solutions, a local SAP consulting company. We developed the app to push out into the market and the team at Javellin did the marketing and sales to promote and utilize it as a tool for gaining some exposure and an entry for their consulting services.

Part 2 of the app was a Field Service Engineer which focused more on the engineering aspect.

Mockups of the project along with the brief below were provided to the team for approval, and the subsequent screenshots are from the released app.

iOS App: Production Insights for SAP

Aesthetically, this was probably one of my most enjoyable projects. I spent a considerable amount of time designing and working with users on understanding their needs, and then subsequently transforming those needs into requirements and into the app design.

The app displays Work Centers and then displays the production orders, and their details assigned to the each of them. This allows supervisors to quickly and easily oversee the production orders, and their progress toward their targets from their mobile device such as an iPad or iPhone.

Production Insight for SAP gives production and operations managers, planners and personnel an overview of manufacturing performance and progress on their iPads. The user can also take pictures of quality issues, or machines and easily email to collegues or maintenance for MWO repairs. The app also has a “timelime” feature which shows a history or events, notes, photos and emails created, which gives a clean overview of the tasks and history tracking. read more

zSCN – A iPad SCN Community Reader

After spending a couple of months traveling in 2012, I wrote a personal app for reading and following content created on the SAP Community Network. Although it was slightly buggy and ghetto, I found it way faster than firing up my MBA to check if a comment or something helpful had been posted in my local Netweaver Gateway hangout. I spent the last +- 6 months using the app and after reading a few comments on the new Idea place and in the forums, I decided a couple of others may find it helpful and set out to build a user friendly version. 

Now on to the app …. firstly, starting up the app you are presented with a list of spaces (thanks to Jason Lax for creating a helpful list here!), secondly, the app uses the RSS feeds from each SCN “Space” to curate the content, each time you select a space the content is cached on the device (in a little SQLite DB) and refreshes each time the space is opened. You can also select the number of items which are downloaded in each category (blogs, documents and forums). After logging into SCN using your SCN username/password, it will download your spaces, people and saved content. Keep in mind that you cannot “save” or create content from the app, since the SCN API’s are not currently publicly available (I am hoping for some change on this!). However, each item can be selected and the original content will be displayed on the website where you can login and respond/comment. You can also easily email the item to a friend in need, or tweet it if you are a social butterfly 😉  read more

iOS App: Blaze for SAP Netweaver Gateway


A couple of months ago I was working on creating services for a SAP App store app called Production Insight for SAP. While working on the app I constantly found myself using RESTClient for Firefox to test, debug and view the attributes of my service while I was developing in XCode. Eventually I pulled up the metadata and service implementation on my iPad and used it as a second screen for reference. This made my life much easier. After having done this a couple of times over the past few months, I figured it wouldn’t be a bad idea to create an app which not only lets you view the service and its details, but also save requests, test them against multiple servers and also view the details easily. Which is why I built “Blaze”, it does all this and a little more. It is a free app and available in the app store as of yesterday, if I could put a “demo” or “beta” sticker on it: I would. (but apple won’ approve anything like that!) for all you “gatewayers” out there, please test it out and let me know what you like and don’t. My intention is to create a iOS client for gateway which is useful to developers like myself. The app can also handle other OData servers and services like Netflix and XS Engine from HANA. read more