Lithium Labs: 2011 – 2014

I founded Lithium Labs in 2011. It was bootstrapped by the proceeds I received after selling Aschmann Media Group (Social Media Startup). The idea was born by recognizing the impact, and potential, mobile apps could have in the enterprise space. The original mission statement was:

“Lithium Labs provides a full suite of services for designing, developing, implementing and maintaining an enterprise mobility solution. We support all major mobile operating systems and hardware including iPad, iPhone Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbol and Intermec.”

The product/application portfolio of the company was seeded by a few mobile apps I had already released, and were being used widely in the SAP space. All of them were free from the various App Stores, the primary objective of these apps were for me to personally learn about the technologies and platforms, and the secondary objective, was to draw awareness to Lithium Labs as a company, and provide an example of what was possible. One of the most popular free apps which I developed under the Lithium Labs portfolio was “SAP Note Viewer”, with 12K downloads. read more

Anki – Learning

I have a terrible memory and it is one of the main reasons I have this blog … while going through my MBA, I resorted to learning via the Anki memory recognition method. Here are a few resources I collected during this journey:

  • 1. Keep decks simple (1 per exam) and use tags for systems, mnemonics etc
  • 2. Understand first then memorize so you can apply what you learn on test day (makes learning quicker)
  • 3. Lay foundations first (80/20) focus on highest yield information big picture basics before details
  • 4. Minimum information principal (don’t make complex cards with sub items, make a bunch of simple cards for each sub item)
  • 5. Cloze Deletions are AmAzInG! (Helps with step 4)
  • 6. Images Photos and Figures (better than a bunch of text) even an “unrelated” image that makes you think of the topic — image occlusion enchanted
  • read more