Awesome Trail Building

After working on Rocky Branch since 2018 to renovate the park, it became very clear to me that the Trail Building community could really use a Framework or Templated approach for building trails. Like a niche business segment or company, all trail building projects are very similar in nature, structure, challenges and solutions. While I have not quite filled the gap of “open source trails”, I decided to take one small step in the right direction by compiling a list in the “Awesome” format, many software or online projects use to help folks get started in the right direction.

Step 2 of this project would be to build reusable templates, emails, websites, assets, way finding signage, presentations and maintenance schedules. The ultimate goal: Make it as simple as possible for volunteers, cities, towns and land owners to build trails. read more

OpenGraph API – AWS Lambda


The Arduino was one of my first “modern” introduction into the world of open-source electronics. The original use case for my DIY IGUS Time Lapse slider, then got used in the Quantum Double Slit Experiment to build a true Random Number Generator, and was also a part of my SAP DemoJam session. It always seems to be a great “go to” tool for interfacing with physical sensors, wiring something simple up or testing out different electronics.