3D Printing Project – *Another* Bike Storage Box

My 3D design skills and understanding of modeling around a physical object have come a long way since my first bike storage box, this one fits my 2022 Canyon Speedmax CF (Medium). The reason for designing and printing these is that while the bike has built in storage, it’s seldomly enough to be self sufficient during long rides. For full distance Ironman events, I take the following: (After mishaps, trial and error) 2 x Tubolito spare tubes, 2 x CO2 Cartridges, 1 x Dart puncture tool, 1 x Mini Pump, a Multi Tool and a Chain link.

Design: Autodesk Fusion 360
Printer: Prusa Mk2
Material: PLA
Print Time: 12 Hours

Giant Trinity Build

This was a fun build on a Auero bike frame that a buddy gave me. Since I now had a bike, it got me into doing my first 70.3 Ironman event in 2021 (Augusta). It took a lot of searching and scouring the web, eBay and local sellers on Craigslist, but aside from a couple mistakes here and there, it turned out great. The bike is really light compared to my more modern Canyon Speedmax.

Below is a list of part numbers, references, purchases and photos I was using during the build.

To figure out what crank lengths I should by my inseam is 85cm (33.5”) & a second remeasure was roughly 33 – 33 & 1/3. Using this a general crank length formula is: 1.25 * inseam (in cm) + 65 = 171.25. Majority of cranks coming in 170cm and 172.5. So I decided on the slightly longer 172.5cm cranks. read more