Endurance Racing – Sweat Analysis

Sweat, and specifically Sodium, is one of the three “levers” for endurance athletes when it comes to hydration and nutrition (fueling) and subsequently your performance. The other two key elements or levers are Carbohydrates and Fluids.

The most important part about sodium/sweat is that everyone has a unique sweat loss rate, and a unique sodium content ratio in their sweat. So while a more generalized approach can be defined for consuming carbohydrates, the same is not true for electrolyte loss. This is why having a sweat test is critical for athletes wanting to perform, understand and take advantage of their data to understand their personal needs and requirements. read more

Running Notes


Zone 1: Less than 85% of LTHR – 136

Zone 2: 85–89% of LTHR – 136 – 143

Zone 3: 90–94% of LTHR – 144 – 150

Zone 4: 95–99% of LTHR – 151 – 158

Zone 5a: 100–102% of LTHR – 159 – 163

Zone 5b: 103–106% of LTHR – 163 – 170

Zone 5c: More than 106% of LTHR – 170+

Swim Technique Notes

  • Rotate body to gain more reach
  • use hand and arm to catch the water
  • Keep shoulders down/low and use lats , not shoulder to pull
  • Start slow and get faster with pull
  • pull all the way down past waist
  • Breathing:
    • keep one google eye in water, one out
    Think about making your body as long as possible with timing


    • Rotation
      • kick, check rotation, arms at side
      • rotate kits and shoulders, everything in sync
      • 6 kicks one side, 6 kicks flat, 6 on left side
      One arm forward with fins on
      • Swim on side, like superman, make sure body is parallel to wall
      • try to breath
      Skull Drill
      • Use just your hands and work in a small figure 8 rotation to propel yourself down the pool (probably very slowly)