2024 Ironman Texas Training Review

It has been a great 16 weeks training for Ironman Texas coming up next week. One small injury (foot) from either running or pushing too hard off the wall while swimming. Some interesting stats through these training blocks:

Longest week: 18 hours
Max CTL: 116
Max TSS: 144
Cumulative Miles: 2161
3 week blocks, with 1 week rest. 2 week taper into the race.

Compared with past Ironman races, used the sauna during the last 3 weeks to get more heat adapted, and did a little more strength based workouts. (Not tracked in Intervals). I also focused more on Z2 efforts while running. The Oak Island Half Marathon got me running a lot more early season. Overall, I had some good PR’s during the last 4 months:

1Km Swim: 15:03
Half Marathon: 1:21:18
1 Mile Run: 5:28
Bike FTP: 283W (4.05W/kg)
Max 4 Hour Bike Power: 202W (2.89W/kg)

In terms of optimizations, I spent a good amount of time working on my body position to reduce my CDA, and get my arms further forward. Installed a disc cover for my rear wheel, 3D printed a Crank cover, and raised up my water bottle. Shoes wise, I spent a ton of time running in carbon plated shoes due to the foot injury and wanting to reduce the impact.

Things I wish I had done differently:

  • General: Spent more time in the sauna
  • Training: More strength sessions (I was always fatigued after them, which indicates something)
  • Gear: Purchased a new Tri-suit
  • Gear: Backup pair of Goggles with mirrored lenses (bright sun on the Texas course in 2023)
  • Bike: Moved my seat further forward
  • Bike: Consider 1x Setup
  • General: Tested PR Lotion, or new nutrition. Getting bored of Formula 369 and DIY
  • Testing: I would like to do a bike FTP test outdoors
  • Testing: Running lactate test at the track