Welcome to my personal homepage, as the header suggests, this is really just a culmination of various aspects of my life, some things I am proud of, others not as much. It’s a blog, WIP, and an uncultivated digital garden of snippets, interesting links, pictures, things that have inspired me, hobbies, projects, key moments, travel, work, and nostalgic lists of material, and immaterial things that have made me who I am.


The Arduino was one of my first “modern” introduction into the world of open-source electronics. The original use case for my DIY IGUS Time Lapse slider, then got used in the Quantum Double Slit Experiment to build a true Random Number Generator, and was also a part of my SAP DemoJam session. It always seems to be a great “go to” tool for interfacing with physical sensors, wiring something simple up or testing out different electronics.

2024 Ironman Texas

2024 Ironman Texas Training Review

It has been a great 16 weeks training for Ironman Texas coming up next week. One small injury (foot) from either running or pushing too hard off the wall while swimming. Some interesting stats through these training blocks:

Longest week: 18 hours
Max CTL: 116
Max TSS: 144
Cumulative Miles: 2161
3 week blocks, with 1 week rest. 2 week taper into the race.

Compared with past Ironman races, used the sauna during the last 3 weeks to get more heat adapted, and did a little more strength based workouts. (Not tracked in Intervals). I also focused more on Z2 efforts while running. The Oak Island Half Marathon got me running a lot more early season. Overall, I had some good PR’s during the last 4 months: read more

Repairing the Silhouette Cameo 4

I don’t use Cameo cutter much at all, so I was pretty disappointed to see it not working correctly when I wanted to cut some vinyl stickers for my bike project. The carriage would just slowly move to the right and stop. Turn it off and back on, and it would do the same until it hit the right side and make a terrible knocking noise as the position sensor did know where the carriage was.

Disassembling the unit and doing some online searching it seems the left stop sensor was bad. It is a Normally Open IR switch and after doing some extensive searching was able to find a replacement online. I mocked up the circuit board and cut a prototype on the Glowforge, did some very small soldering to wire it up, and it 100% fixed the problem. read more

Bookmark: Why you won’t find a technical co-founder …

As a technical co-founder, this is a great reality check.


Why you won't find a technical co-founder

You probably will not find a technical co-founder online by using one of the many co-founder matching tools.
You may also not want to.

I’ve tried working in the normal “co-founder for equity” set ups. I’ve been working as a freelancer and contractor for years.
At the moment I am focusing my efforts on building MVPs. After talking to founders on both sides of the “equity-hire” spectrum I have some thoughts.

This is exclusively from the perspective of searching out a person you don’t know online, for the sole purpose of founding a company.
This is not talking about starting a business with you friend joey from work, who you’ve been working with for 3 years. read more

List: Favorite Motocross Photos

These some of my most memorable photos from my motocross days.

Cycling: FTP over time

Tracking cycling endurance training progress over time. As I have shifted my focus from MTB racing to Endurance/long distance triathlon, My sprint power has decreased slightly (5 minutes and 1 minute) but FTP (20 min+) has slowly been ticking upward. Since I have been swimming and running more, it probably has not increased as much as I hoped, but I am learning endurance is not something that gets established overnight ….

Don’t ask for forgiveness, radiate intent


Here are 4 reasons that radiating intent is better than begging forgiveness:

  • Radiating intent gives a chance for someone to stop you before you do a thing, in case it’s truly harmful
  • Radiating intent gives people who have information, or want to help, an opening to participate
  • Radiating intent leaves better evidence of your good will
  • Radiating intent shows others that adventurous behavior is acceptable in the org.

Radiating intent also has the advantage over asking permission that the “radiator” keeps responsibility if things go sour. It doesn’t transfer the blame the way seeking permission does, which is good. We should be responsible for our choices.

An example of radiating: I recently spent a day working from Canada. I’m still not sure if it was allowed, but I mentioned it to my supervisor. I mentioned it to my supervisor’s supervisor. I mentioned it to more than a few colleagues. One of them told me I could request permission for my work phone to be used internationally. I did this. It worked. There were many chances for a slow-mo “Noooooooooo” if this travel was going to cause a problem. read more