Welcome to my personal homepage, as the header suggests, this is really just a culmination of various aspects of my life, some things I am proud of, others not as much. It’s a blog, WIP, and an uncultivated digital garden of snippets, interesting links, pictures, things that have inspired me, hobbies, projects, key moments, travel, work, and nostalgic lists of material, and immaterial things that have made me who I am.

Awesome Trail Building

After working on Rocky Branch since 2018 to renovate the park, it became very clear to me that the Trail Building community could really use a Framework or Templated approach for building trails. Like a niche business segment or company, all trail building projects are very similar in nature, structure, challenges and solutions. While I have not quite filled the gap of “open source trails”, I decided to take one small step in the right direction by compiling a list in the “Awesome” format, many software or online projects use to help folks get started in the right direction.

Step 2 of this project would be to build reusable templates, emails, websites, assets, way finding signage, presentations and maintenance schedules. The ultimate goal: Make it as simple as possible for volunteers, cities, towns and land owners to build trails. read more

OpenGraph API – AWS Lambda


The Arduino was one of my first “modern” introduction into the world of open-source electronics. The original use case for my DIY IGUS Time Lapse slider, then got used in the Quantum Double Slit Experiment to build a true Random Number Generator, and was also a part of my SAP DemoJam session. It always seems to be a great “go to” tool for interfacing with physical sensors, wiring something simple up or testing out different electronics.