OKR’s, Initiatives and Examples

Initiatives and OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) are both strategic management frameworks, but they differ in their focus and purpose within an organization.


Initiatives are specific projects, programs, or actions that are undertaken to achieve a desired outcome. They are concrete and actionable steps that contribute to the fulfillment of broader objectives. Initiatives can be short-term or long-term and are often cross-functional, requiring collaboration and coordination among different teams or departments. Initiatives provide a structured approach to implementing strategies and achieving organizational goals.


OKRs, on the other hand, are a goal-setting framework that helps define and measure objectives and their key results. Objectives represent the desired outcomes or goals that an organization or team aims to achieve. Key Results are measurable milestones or metrics that indicate progress towards the objectives. OKRs are typically set on a quarterly basis and are designed to align and focus teams, providing clarity on what needs to be accomplished and how progress will be measured. read more

Book – Leaders Assemble

Here are a couple of notes from the book which really resonated with me.

  • Everyone is a leader, if you do something, it makes an impact on others around you.

Key take aways which I should look further into:

  • Task conflict and relationship conflict are interesting topics I should look into further.

5 strategies to encourage task completion:

  • Power to implement – will
  • Avoiding approach – hope something will force choice
  • Accommodating – lack of decisiveness
  • Compromising – give and get, everyone might be dissatisfied
  • Collaborative – recently experienced this
  • read more