Laser Cutting Project: Bicycle hook

This weekends challenge, a better hook for a bicycle:

Want to laser cut one of your own or remix it? Check it out on Thingiverse

This is a vertical based bike hook for bicycles with aero (deep) front rims. Currently there are not many wheel hooks that keep the front wheel vertical and that don’t scratch the rim when putting the bike up.

The hook is lasercut using a glowforge and medium draft board (the material thickness is important as all the slots need to interlock). Assembly is slotting the parts together and installation requires two screws/anchors into the wall.

It was specifically designed for a Reynolds AR80, however, I believe other wheels with similar dimensions, depths or profiles should fit. read more

The puzzle of motivation

  • The puzzle of motivation – Daniel Pink
      • When – the scientific secret of timing
      • @DanielPink

      Here are a few key take aways from this short Ted Talk:

      Higher incentives led to worse performance

      Mechanical skills = the higher the skill the higher the pay
      Cognitive skill = opposite

      3 items:

      • Autonomy
        • Self direction works really well
          • Atlassian (Jira)
          • Hackathon
          Fedex days

        • 20 Percent Time
        • I think its something we have tried to encourage with “meeting free fridays”
        • ROWE (Results only work environment) – no schedules, just get the work done, meetings optional = productivity up, work satisfaction goes up
        • read more

Generating Random Numbers with QisKit & IBM Quantum Hardware

4096 – Bit Random Byte String

``` from qiskit import IBMQ from qiskit_rng import Generator provider = IBMQ.load_account() generator = Generator(backend=provider.backends.ibmq_lima) output = generator.sample(num_raw_bits=4096).block_until_ready() print("Mermin correlator value is {}".format(output.mermin_correlator)) print("Raw bits are {}".format(output.raw_bits[:4096])) int[] data; int width = 512; int height = 512; void setup() { size(512, 512); // Load text file as a String String[] stuff = loadStrings("123.csv"); // Convert string into an array of integers using ',' as a delimiter data = int(split(stuff[0], ',')); //printArray(data); } void draw() { background(255); //stroke(0); // Draw points int k = 0; for (int i = 0; i < width; i ++ ) { for (int j = 0; j < height; j ++ ) { if (data[k] == 1) { stroke(1); point(i, j); } k++; } } } ```