The puzzle of motivation

  • The puzzle of motivation – Daniel Pink
      • When – the scientific secret of timing
      • @DanielPink

      Here are a few key take aways from this short Ted Talk:

      Higher incentives led to worse performance

      Mechanical skills = the higher the skill the higher the pay
      Cognitive skill = opposite

      3 items:

      • Autonomy
        • Self direction works really well
          • Atlassian (Jira)
          • Hackathon
          Fedex days

        • 20 Percent Time
        • I think its something we have tried to encourage with “meeting free fridays”
        • ROWE (Results only work environment) – no schedules, just get the work done, meetings optional = productivity up, work satisfaction goes up
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Generating Random Numbers with QisKit & IBM Quantum Hardware

Generating true random strings using classical computers is not as easy as you may think. Unlike deterministic processes that follow specific algorithms and patterns, achieving true randomness poses a challenge in the realm of classical computing. Classical computers operate based on predetermined instructions and logical operations, which inherently lack the inherent unpredictability required for true randomness.

In contrast, true randomness involves an element of unpredictability that goes beyond the deterministic nature of classical computing. Attempts to generate random strings on classical computers often involve algorithms that simulate randomness, but these are ultimately constrained by the deterministic nature of the underlying hardware and software. read more

Have some time?

This single list of link has fueled a lot of reading for me over the past few months … The most counterintuitive facts in all of mathematics, computer science, and physics:

It is possible to compute over encrypted data without access to the secret key: It is possible to prove that you know a value x, without conveying any information apart from the fact that you know the value x: It is possible to play poker by telephone in a trusted way which prevents cheating: If customers take on average 10 minutes to serve and they arrive randomly at a rate of 5.8 per hour then the waiting time for one teller is five hours while the waiting time for two tellers is 3 minutes: There exists a set of three dice, A, B, and C, with the property that A rolls higher than B more than half the time, and B rolls higher than C more than half the time, but it is not true that A rolls higher than C more than half the time: Causation does not imply correlation: The Earth makes 366.25 rotations around its axis per year. (Related: 0% selected the right answer on this SAT question: Circle A has 1/3 the radius of circle B, and circle A rolls one trip around circle B. How many times will circle A revolve in total? There is a surface that has only one side: It is possible to travel downwind faster than the wind: read more

The SAP Community

Reminiscing and looking back on this, its strange to think that I have had a SAP Community or Forum account since my late teens … Multiple TechEd events, talks, blogs, being a SAP Mentor, a job at SAP, friends, colleagues, and most recently a part of the SAP Champion program has been a personally rewarding commitment over the last 20 odd years … #timeflies

Scripting in Think Or Swim #ToS

Implementing EMA Clouds in ThinkScript

#Multiple EMA Cloud input ema1low = 5; input ema1high = 13; input ema2low = 34; input ema2high = 50; input ema3low = 72; input ema3high = 89; def ema5 = ExpAverage(close, ema1low); def ema13 = ExpAverage(close, ema1high); AddCloud(ema5, ema13, Color.DARK_GREEN, Color.RED); def ema34 = ExpAverage(close, ema2low); def ema50 = ExpAverage(close, ema2high); AddCloud(ema34, ema50,, Color.light_gray); def ema72 = ExpAverage(close, ema3low); def ema89 = ExpAverage(close, ema3high); AddCloud(ema72, ema89,, Color.yellow); def buycross = (ema5 > ema13) and (ema34 crosses above ema50); def buycrossAdditional = (ema72 crosses above ema89); AddOrder(OrderType.BUY_TO_OPEN, buycross, tickColor = GetColor(1), arrowColor = GetColor(1), name = "Buy", tradeSize = floor(10000 / close)); def sellcross = ema5 crosses below ema13 and (ema34 < ema50); AddOrder(OrderType.SELL_TO_CLOSE, sellcross, tickColor = GetColor(0), arrowColor = GetColor(0), name = "Sell"); AddLabel(yes, "EMA5 & EMA13 = Dark Green & Red", Color.DARK_GREEN); AddLabel(yes, "EMA34 & EMA50 = Green & Light Grey", Color.GREEN); AddLabel(yes, "EMA72 & EMA89 = Blue & Yellow", Color.BLUE); read more