The puzzle of motivation

Here are a few key take aways from this short Ted Talk:

Higher incentives led to worse performance

Mechanical skills = the higher the skill the higher the pay
Cognitive skill = opposite

3 items:

  • Autonomy
    • Self direction works really well
      • Atlassian (Jira)
      • Hackathon
    • Fedex days
      • 20 Percent Time
      • I think its something we have tried to encourage with “meeting free fridays”
      • ROWE (Results only work environment) – no schedules, just get the work done, meetings optional = productivity up, work satisfaction goes up
    • Wikipedia vs Encarta = 90’s
      • Intrinsic motivation vs Extrinsic
      • Atlassian (Jira)
      • Hackathon
  • Mastery
  • Purpose

My challenges and take aways

  • How do we get employees to be driven my intrinsic values?
  • A really important component he mentioned, was if people feel like they were being compensated fairly, intrinsic motivators work extremely well. How can companies show employees they are being compensated fairly?