Repairing the Silhouette Cameo 4

I don’t use Cameo cutter much at all, so I was pretty disappointed to see it not working correctly when I wanted to cut some vinyl stickers for my bike project. The carriage would just slowly move to the right and stop. Turn it off and back on, and it would do the same until it hit the right side and make a terrible knocking noise as the position sensor did know where the carriage was.

Disassembling the unit and doing some online searching it seems the left stop sensor was bad. It is a Normally Open IR switch and after doing some extensive searching was able to find a replacement online. I mocked up the circuit board and cut a prototype on the Glowforge, did some very small soldering to wire it up, and it 100% fixed the problem.

Silhouette is charging $100 to fix this problem, and there are a bunch of people who have these cutters sitting in a corner, and it takes 4 screws and a few parts to fix ūüôĀ If a company like Silhouette/Graphtec recognize they have hardware issue, the easiest solution would be to offer a simple fix to their existing customer base. Currently their reputation is being severely tarnished ūüôĀ