Swim Technique Notes

  • Rotate body to gain more reach
  • use hand and arm to catch the water
  • Keep shoulders down/low and use lats , not shoulder to pull
  • Start slow and get faster with pull
  • pull all the way down past waist
  • Breathing:
    • keep one google eye in water, one out
  • Think about making your body as long as possible with timing


  • Rotation
    • kick, check rotation, arms at side
    • rotate kits and shoulders, everything in sync
    • 6 kicks one side, 6 kicks flat, 6 on left side
  • One arm forward with fins on
    • Swim on side, like superman, make sure body is parallel to wall
    • try to breath
  • Skull Drill
    • Use just your hands and work in a small figure 8 rotation to propel yourself down the pool (probably very slowly)