Giant Trinity Build

This was a fun build on a Auero bike frame that a buddy gave me. Since I now had a bike, it got me into doing my first 70.3 Ironman event in 2021 (Augusta). It took a lot of searching and scouring the web, eBay and local sellers on Craigslist, but aside from a couple mistakes here and there, it turned out great. The bike is really light compared to my more modern Canyon Speedmax.

Below is a list of part numbers, references, purchases and photos I was using during the build.

To figure out what crank lengths I should by my inseam is 85cm (33.5”) & a second remeasure was roughly 33 – 33 & 1/3. Using this a general crank length formula is: 1.25 * inseam (in cm) + 65 = 171.25. Majority of cranks coming in 170cm and 172.5. So I decided on the slightly longer 172.5cm cranks. read more