Anki – Learning

I have a terrible memory and it is one of the main reasons I have this blog … while going through my MBA, I resorted to learning via the Anki memory recognition method. Here are a few resources I collected during this journey:

  • 1. Keep decks simple (1 per exam) and use tags for systems, mnemonics etc
  • 2. Understand first then memorize so you can apply what you learn on test day (makes learning quicker)
  • 3. Lay foundations first (80/20) focus on highest yield information big picture basics before details
  • 4. Minimum information principal (don’t make complex cards with sub items, make a bunch of simple cards for each sub item)
  • 5. Cloze Deletions are AmAzInG! (Helps with step 4)
  • 6. Images Photos and Figures (better than a bunch of text) even an “unrelated” image that makes you think of the topic — image occlusion enchanted