List: My Apps

List of Apple Apps I have designed, developed and published.

IconAppAboutPlatformPurposeBlog Post
HighlighTVI wanted a way to watch a variety of sports highlights from a single application and not miss out on the best videos being published today.iOSPersonalPost
Snap SwingSnap Swing is a great way to capture events and actions without needing to stop and start your cameraiOSPersonalPost
metric2 for iPhonemetric² is a admin dashboard for SAP HANA. It provides an overview of the performance and availability of your HANA instance.iPhoneLi LabsPost
SAP Note Viewer for iPhoneSAP Note Viewer for iPhone is a simple and easy to use application for searching, viewing and managing SAP Notes.iOSLi LabsPost
SAP Note Viewer for iPadSAP Note Viewer for iPad is a simple and easy to use application for searching, viewing and managing SAP Notes.iOSLi LabsPost
Proximity Production SupervisorThe production floor is a dynamically changing environment. From expedite orders to first article production runs, there is never a dull moment for production supervisors.iOSLi LabsPost
Field Service EngineeriOSLi Labs
SAP Note ViewerSAP Note Viewer for Mac is a simple and easy to use application for searching, viewing and managing SAP Notes.macOSLi LabsPost
Production Insights for SAPProduction Insights for SAP gives production and operations managers, planners and personnel an overview of manufacturing performance and progress on their iPads.iOSLi LabsPost
KB ManagerKB Manager agives system admins and IT Professionals the ability to save links to their important Microsoft KB articles on their iPhone or iPad.iOSLi LabsPost
zSCN for SAP SCNzSCN for SAP SCN makes reading the SAP Community Network easier and quicker.iOSLi LabsPost
Blaze for SAP Netweaver GatewayBlaze for SAP Netweaver Gateway gives you the ability to browse and save your Gateway OData requests on your iPad.iOSLi LabsPost
Supplier AnalyticsAutomotive Supplier Analytics for SAP is an enterprise application designed to give you insight into your companies day to day performance using dashboards and analytics.iOSLi LabsPost
Insight for SAPInsights for SAP is a app which brings news in and around the SAP space to a single easy to use and navigate application.iOSLi LabsPost
iCRM for SAPiCRM for SAP is a free enterprise app which lets you view CRM data from your iPad.iOSLi LabsPost
Stick Figs for iMessageStick Figs for iMessage let you add a variety of different stick figures representing you, your family and your pets.iOS/Message AppPersonalPost
SPOTSPOT – A Mobile App for Manufacturers RepresentativesWAPP/WebLi LabsPost
Frito LayA waste report dashboard and app for an iPadiOSLi LabsPost

Notes Viewer for Mac

Since I have been spending the last few weeks getting some Netweaver instances running on my new Hyper V server, I have spent a considerable amount of time on the SAP Notes website debugging and troubleshooting everything from installation to master guides. Since my SAP Note Viewer apps for iPhone and iPad are fairly popular and I was tired of having to login so many times, I figured I would develop a “clone” for the Mac.

The free app features a pretty basic status bar menu and when you open it for the first time, requests your s-id and password and your search language (German and English). Once opened, you can enter a Note number or search term, submitting will automatically bring up the note in your browser. If you enter a search term, the app will search and return a list of results which you can select, opening the note. The search is fairly slow, as it is, in essence, making two round trips (one for the page and the second for the results). read more