Side project: HighlighTV

HighlighTV was developed to address the market of non-main stream sports highlights and videos on the Apple TV platform. I was personally tired of searching for new, exciting and interesting videos by opening blogs, magazines and websites on a daily basis. RSS helped me considerably but there was a lack of connection between my RSS reader (Feedly) and my Apple TV to watch the content when I had the free time.

It seems there is this disconnect between me exploring and finding content, and when I subsequently want to consume it. I visit around 4 – 6 websites daily to catch up on news and events and I often find content which I would like watch or read, but seldomly have the time right then and then to do it. Facebook has “Save for later”, Feedly has “”, Twitter, I store bookmarks of this type of content in Evernote, etc. all these main stream apps are aware of the problem, but as usual, there is no central consolidated way to quickly find something, and dependent on the device I am on, give me the option to consume it. The tagline for HighlighTV is:

Curated video highlights, personalized for you and the sports and hobbies you love. Powered by Machine Learning, AI, Sentiment Analysis and a pinch of Human Suggestion.

I also consider HighlighTV a “Electronic Highlight Guide”, I came up with this analogy because I really wanted something like a TV guide, but for awesome highlights and videos from the sports I am interested in. Something I could scroll through, have a high level overview of the video, how long it was and grouped by my the sport or hobby. Latest videos should show up shortly after they are released and I the videos I have watched drop off my “EHG”.

HighlighTV is built on top of Linux, Nginx, Postgres, Express stack and has a admin panel in Angular and a native (universal) iPad and Apple TV app.