Implementing LLMs in our internal mobile apps: Design, Demos, and Deployment

This is a summary/blog of my presentation which I recently gave internally at SAP during the One SAP Mobile Summit. The event brings some of the best and likeminded SAP mobility related groups and teams together during a week long, in-person, and virtual summit.


This is another blog post of a series around the enterprise mobility IT team at SAP. We are an internal team focused on managing mobile devices, mobile applications, and developing custom apps for SAP’s 110,000 employees. I believe we have some unique stories, software, tools, and insights to help others in the community considering, or currently undertaking, some of the challenges which surround mobility and its adoption in the enterprise. As an SAP champion, I enjoy sharing and promoting my experiences and knowledge with others through the SAP Community, if you enjoy this post, check out some of my past content. read more

Technical Talks

Here is a nice summary of a user curated list of technical talks:

Some I have watched and enjoyed:

Control engineering:

Gunter Stein’s inaugural Bode prize lecture from 1989 titled “Respect the Unstable” [0]. In this talk, he uses a minimum of mathematics to clearly demonstrate the fundamental (and inevitable!) trade-offs in control systems design. He effortlessly makes the link between his (in)ability to balance inverted rods of various lengths on his palm (with shorter rods being harder to balance) to why the X-29 aircraft was almost impossible to control and why Chernobyl blew up.

The fundamental message is extremely important and the derivation is so crystal clear that it is simply marvelous to watch him present it. I like it so much that I re-watch it about once a year. read more

2018 SAP TechEd Live Interview

I had a nice Live Studio interview with Britt Womelsdorf at the 2018 SAP TechEd event chatting about the SAP Cloud Platform SDK’s. Check it out here:

(The video has since been taken down, but here are a few photos).

Phillips 66

I had a nice opportunity to present some offer internal IT work we were doing at SAP, with the oil giant, Phillips 66. It was a great conversation sharing what, where and how we are deploying SAP BTP, apps and mobile solutions to help our company and its employees be successful. Here are a few slides and key take aways from the meeting.

GSVU Student Presentation

Mentoring, coaching and sharing is an opportunity I am always willing to go the extra mile for. When one of my friends Sihma from Grand Valley State University (a fellow SAP mentor and part of the SAP University Alliance Program) asked me to do a personal presentation for their Computer Science students, I took a untraditional approach and shared the presentation below.