2018 SAP TechEd Live Interview

I had a nice Live Studio interview with Britt Womelsdorf at the 2018 SAP TechEd event chatting about the SAP Cloud Platform SDK’s. Check it out here:

(The video has since been taken down, but here are a few photos).

The general script below is what I planned to use:

1.) Paul: Quick introduction …

  • SAP IT, responsible for developing Android apps for SAP’s 90k employees.
  • And today we will be chatting with Britt Womelsdorf, who is part of product management for the new SAP Cloud Platform Android SDK

2.) Paul: “With mobility being a key priority for organizations, it seems like SAP has responded to this by delivering some important user experience frameworks over the past 7 or 8 years, including SAPUI5, OpenUI5, Apple iOS SDK and now the Android SDK, why do you think these are important to organizations?”

   Britt: Mobility high-level, IT department, enterprise and organizational level opportunities

3.) Paul: “So we have heard about what this means for SAP customers and IT shops, what does this mean for developers & architects in the mobile and SAP cloud platform space?”

    Britt: Some of the reasons behind why its important for developers to consider the SDK, some of the advantages

4.) Paul: “Getting deeper into the development aspects, what components and features does the SDK include?”

    Britt: Components and short description and benefits of each

5.) Paul: “So we have heard a little more about the new Android SDK and what it offers, how can managers learn more, and how can developers get their hands on to try this out?”

    Britt: Links, SCN or details.