iOS App: Snapswing

This was a fun project app, I often used my iPhone to record my golf swing at the range or in my golf simulator, but it was always time consuming and tedious to “hit record” – hit a golf shot – “hit stop”. I sometimes missed the shot, had too long of a lead in, lead out or was interrupted. Trying to solve this I thought of multiple ways that “just the swing” could be recorded; a button to record, stop? Machine learning with various “hit boxes” using video or using “Sound” as a trigger for the shot, which is what I ultimately ended up using. Setup your phone, hit record and just het shot would be recorded 🙂 Essentially I created an app that has a temporary video capture buffer, and that each shot gets clipped and trimmed for each ball hit. Pretty simple and effective.

App Description:

Snap Swing is a great way to capture events and actions without needing to stop and start your camera. Our “shot detection” algorithms use iOS’s powerful microphone and computing ability to determine when you hit the ball, and subsequently capture only the video before and after the shot. No more trimming or editing to get to the important part!

– Awesome for golfers who hit balls on an indoor range/simulator and want to record multiple swings

– Great for golfers on the range wanting to record multiple swings

– Perfect for instructors who want to record their students swings on the course