Side project:

Like a lot of my side projects, was built out of a personal need. Golfedout is intended to track the variety of golf courses I have played over the last 6 or 7 years since I took up the game a little more seriously. When I started the project it was a simple list of courses, and then evolved into a more elaborate application which allowed you to follow other golfers, partake in a leader board, view course details such as architects or addresses and I also added a gamification aspect. Another aspect I was interested in, is how many of the top 100 golf courses have I played? How many PGA tour courses have I played? In the end I believe I may have made considerably more complex than others might have needed. If you are a avid golfed or interested, here is a link to my profile: read more

Open Source Project: Rasa UI

Rasa is an open source machine learning framework to automate text-and voice-based conversations.

Rasa UI is a web application built on top of, and for Rasa. Rasa UI provides a web application to quickly and easily be able to create and manage bots, NLU components (Regex, Examples, Entities, Intents, etc.) and Core components (Stories, Actions, Responses, etc.) through a web interface. It also provides some convenience features for Rasa, like training and loading your models, monitoring usage or viewing logs.

I developed Rasa UI to help me manage my bots as well as creating and managing the training data. The app is developed on NodeJS, and uses a simple SQLite DB for persistence (previously PostgresDB). read more

Lending Club Data Analysis

LendingClub is a US peer-to-peer lending company headquartered in San Francisco, California, and has helped over 2.5 million customers simplify their finances in the last 10 years. LendingClub improves the loan process for borrows by offering a fast and easy online application. For investors, the company offers historical returns of 3 – 8% and anyone can invest with as little as $1000 [1].

Because LendingClub relies heavily on technology to evaluate their borrowers, getting an accurate risk analysis for each applicant requires systems which can quickly assess the applications, and upon approval, offer these loans to interested investors at a given interest rate. Of the $7.9 billion dollars loaned in 2018, $233 million was written off as defaulted loans. While this may seem insignificant at 2.9%, this does represent risks and losses which investors and the company would prefer to avoid. In order to mitigate risk, lending companies traditionally apply a fitting interest rate to each loan. For example, loans for a home or a car may have lower interest rates because the risk is reduced due to directly related collateral. In another example, someone with a poor credit history or having declared bankruptcy may have a higher interest rate due to the inherent risk of history repeating. read more

Springwise Ideas

If there has been one email/newsletter I am excited to receive monthly, its from a company called Springwise. They share innovative and creative ideas from around the world. It’s a great resource to find inspiration or follow emerging trends which you are interested in. A prime example: Snapchat 🙂

Side project: HighlighTV

HighlighTV was developed to address the market of non-main stream sports highlights and videos on the Apple TV platform. I was personally tired of searching for new, exciting and interesting videos by opening blogs, magazines and websites on a daily basis. RSS helped me considerably but there was a lack of connection between my RSS reader (Feedly) and my Apple TV to watch the content when I had the free time.

It seems there is this disconnect between me exploring and finding content, and when I subsequently want to consume it. I visit around 4 – 6 websites daily to catch up on news and events and I often find content which I would like watch or read, but seldomly have the time right then and then to do it. Facebook has “Save for later”, Feedly has “”, Twitter, I store bookmarks of this type of content in Evernote, etc. all these main stream apps are aware of the problem, but as usual, there is no central consolidated way to quickly find something, and dependent on the device I am on, give me the option to consume it. The tagline for HighlighTV is: read more