A fun project to build a drawing bot which uses linear motors, belts, and a servo to take digitized line art and physically draw it on paper, in a plotter like fashion. Here are a couple resources which are helpful.


One of my intentions is to draw golf course layouts and their corresponding contour lines, this site has the relevant height lines.



Use a Inkscape extension to convert SVG to line art: https://github.com/love-open-design/LY-Drawbot-Tool-by-LOD

LY Drawbot – Workflow

Inkscape SVG -> Object to Path (If needed) 

Extensions -> Generate GCode for LY Drawbot

Universal GCode Platform

LY Drawbot Setup

UGS -> LY Drawbot Pen Check

Setup paper in Portrait

Move head to furtherst bottom left corner, reset to zero

Run Pen Check Document (Squares showing where touching and where not)