Tool: Glowforge Laser Cutter

Glowforge was one of the most successful crowdfunding projects at the time, with raising $27.9m in 30 days!

DIY Golf Yardage Books

DIY Greens Mapping

As an avid amateur golfer, I always look at the professionals for ideas, tips or tricks on what they are doing to improve their game, or gain a competitive advantage. One of the differentiators between amateurs and pros is their green reading books. It is essentially a layout and guide to each unique element of green helping them to decide where to hit their ball on approach shots, and what to expect on any given putt. While these are still simply a guide, and the golfer still needs to putt the ball along a planned path, they do provide valuable insight which is not always evident or visible when looking at the green.

Because of this I spent some time trying to understand if it was possible to map greens for this purpose and develop my own green reading technology as a startup or, simply improve my own golf game through this innovation. Here is what I have found on this journey: read more

DIY: Lego Shelf

A fun DIY Lego Shelf from Walnut Wood. Some woodworking, finishing and using the laser to mark and brand it. I have made about 5 of them now for friends and family and they always seem to be a hit!

Step 1:
160 -> 180 -> 220 Grit Sanding
Scuff with steel wool (00)
Clean with microfiber
Danish Oil (Walnut)

Step 2:
Scuff with steel wool
Clean with microfiber
Danish Oil (Walnut)

Step 3:
Top Coat
Wax and 0000 steel wool

Step 4:
Laser Engrave Logo

Glue Lego Insert

DIY – IGUS Slider for Timelapse and Long Exposure Photography

This was a fun project using a Arduino, a sliding rail and belt to pull a sled with a DSLR on it for taking long exposure photography, video or long exposures. This was mounted on a Tripod for some additional stability and flexibility.

Here is the Code: Link

TODO: Photos/Footage

List: Print Projects

While I am not a designer, I have always loved the concept, process and experimentation aspects of print projects. I grew up with Dot Matrix printers and the allure of bringing digital to reality grasped my attention early in life. These are some of the projects I have created digitally and subsequently printed for personal, marketing or informational needs.