List: Laser Cutting Projects

Since we purchased the Glowforge, myself and Kate have created, printed, engraved, and crafted a bunch of projects. Its been a great tool for learning vector design and the workflows of laser cutting.

2023Christmas Tree for Airplane Bottles
Belmont NC Magnets
Animal Carousel (Kids)Didnt work all that well due to the weight of each item.
Bike Wheel Holder
Canyon Speedmax BTA Base
Cutting Boards
Cheese Labels
Christmas Ornaments(Kate cut over 300 custom ornaments for people!)
Christmas Stocking Tags
Door Key(During covid to open a door without touching it)
Donor WallLaser cut donor names and sponsors for the Rocky branch Park donor wall
Door Names
Do Not Disurb
Giant Trinity BTA Base
2022Hobby Horses
2022Hobby Horse BarnLink
Key chains
Laptop Stand
Lego Shelf
Luggage Tags
Magnet Photo Frame
Origami Animal Bookends
Rings (Kids animals)
2021SRAM Level Quick AdjustLink
Wooden Spoons