Tool: Glowforge Laser Cutter

Glowforge was one of the most successful crowdfunding projects at the time, with raising $27.9m in 30 days!

This was my first crowdfunded purchase, and a pretty substantial one at that at around $2,500 … between this and the Prusa 3D printer, they have probably provided the most interesting and beneficial learning opportunities. While slightly simpler to use compared to a 3D printer, since all functions are only in 2D, there are multiple small nuances around the design, materials, multi-step operations, cutting depths, speeds and laser focus which have had a steep learning curve.

So far we have made a bunch of interesting, practical and useful projects, sold a few on Etsy and also made a few personalized meaningful gifts.

I just really wish it was able to cut things like prepreg’d carbon fiber.

Link to all my notes for the unit.