List: My Open Source Projects

A list of open source projects/apps which I have created

ProjectPublishedAboutLinkBlog Post
Reach SDKJuly 2022A node.js library for sending notifications focused on simplicity and extensibility.GithubPost
Reach UIJuly 2022A test UI for the Node.js Reach SDKGithubPost
SysZwoFebruary 2022A simple Chrome extension which converts Systm workouts to Zwift files (zwo)GithubPost
Concept2iOSSeptember 2020A Swift 5 iOS application to connect to Concept2 Rowers via BluetoothGithubPost
ChangdJanuary 2022Changd is a open source web monitoring application for monitoring visual site changes using screenshots, XPath’s or API’s.GithubPost
Application Support CenterNovember 2020application support center is a application management tool for mobile and web applications. It provides an administration portal storing application details and a central knowledge base for help, release notes, and important announcements.GithubPost
Rasa UIMay 2017Rasa UI is a frontend for the Rasa FrameworkGithubPost
SimpleRSAJanuary 2020This is a basic and simplistic implementation of RSA in JS which used to understand the implementation/math required for encryption/decryption and opportunities for hacking RSA using Quantum Computing.GithubPost
BlockchainNovember 2019A naive simplified implementation of using blockchain as a static register in a food origin scenario allowing manufactures, distributers and retailers to publish, update and view the data.GithubPost
XSImportJuly 2015XSImport is a CSV import tool for SAP HANAGithubPost
SyscompareJune 2015Syscompare is a SAP HANA application giving auditors, developers, system admins and anyone else using HANA the ability to compare files across systems. The app is a native HANA application and uses xshttpdest files to connect, retrieve and compare.GithubPost
GitHANAAugust 2014A native SAP HANA app for comparing and commiting files directly to GitHub from the Web UI (HANA XS Github client)GithubPost
metric²July 2014metric² is a self-service BI tool using responsive web based dashboards to display any data from your SAP HANA Database, Platform or Applications.GithubPost
XSODataMarch 2014Data Browser for SAP HANAGithubPost
HANATalkFebruary 2014A small Javascript class to make SAP HANA XS Engine development simpler. By adding a HANA Talk js and xsjs file to your project, you can simply write SQL statements in your HTML file and have the results returned synchronously.GithubPost
xSyncJuly 2013A mac app for syncing files with SAP HANA using XS Engine.GithubPost
Netweaver Gateway iOSFebruary 2014This project is a simple sample, showing how to read and write records using SAP Netweaver Gateway. The app is very basic and is intended as a starting point for users who are learning about iOS development with Neweaver Gateway.Github
SAP HANA WebsocketsJuly 2014A small hack for SAP HANA to repurpose the Debugging.xsws file for websocket use (could be data retrieval or any other server side functionality).GithubPost
Hackathon CLTApril 2014I decided to develop a app called “Express Lane Manager”, the concept was developed for store clerks/express lane managers/store managers to essentially use iBeacon to recognize customers when arriving (i.e. in a drive up lane), and display details about that customer to provide a personalized shopping experience.GithubPost
Siri SAPFebruary 2014After hearing about folks hacking Apple’s Siri to do things like starting their Viper and controlling their thermostat, I thought about utilizing voice based integration with SAP to retrieve data.GithubPost