Open Source Project: Reach SDK

Over the past few years I have found myself re-implementing and re-writing basic features of server, web, mobile or service components. Registration, Login, Forgot Password, Notifications, Search, Help, FAQ, Contact Us, Maps are just a few I can think of, where half way through the development everything seems familiar and I have a case of deja vu. No doubt I have written or implemented a library or service which performs this specific function.

While developing the Changd app I found myself in one of the deja vu moments while writing the email notification service, and decided to pause development, and fix the root cause. After multiple Github issues to support a variety of notification providers, I came across Apprise, a python library which supports multiple notification provides. Since there was not a Node.js implementation, I decided to use Apprise as inspiration and influence for a Node.js library which I aptly named “Reach”.

A library that supports multiple notification providers, so that you don’t have to.

Reach is a node.js module for sending notifications focused on simplicity and extensibility. What’s unique about this project? In most cases apps traditionally support a limited set of notification methods, such as email, push notifications or sms, but in some cases, users would prefer being notified in some other way, such as Slack, Whatsapp, Telegram or Discord, or even all of them. The Reach SDK lets you or your app users select and configure their own notification methods, without needing to develop or implement each service.

Its also extensible through your own plugins or extensions and currently supports 20 notification providers, including (Alerta, Amazon SES, Bark, Click Send SMS, Discord, Gitter, Google Chat, IFFFT, Line, Mailgun, Matrix, Mattermost, Microsoft Teams, OneSignal, PagerDuty, SendGrid, Signal, Slack, SMTP, Telegram and Webhooks.

Interested in helping out or contributing to the project, check it out on Github here.