Open Source Project: XSOData Service Browser


I was recently working on developing a couple of XSOData services for Metric¬≤ when I realized that it would be pretty helpful to have a way to develop, test, explore services and queries. I wrote a similar tool for SAP Netweaver Gateway and the iPad a couple years ago, and decided to model it with some similarities, but having the ability to build it directly into HANA using XS, would add some nice integration benefits.

About the App

Some selectable options:

Generated Query:

App Design

I figured I would create the app as a web page (Non-MVC) using some UI5 components, and a small open source JS app from Microsoft called OData Query Browser. Since majority of the work is being done by the external js class, to rewrite it into UI5 MVC seemed like overkill ūüôā 

I also made use of a small class I wrote a while back for the SAP Innojam event called HANATalk. (Its a *very* basic synchronous class for HANA in HTML).

HANA Integration

Scouring the _SYS.REPO Schema I found a list of where all the XS objects reside, and filtered out the XSOData services using this query:

SELECT '/' || REPLACE(package_id, '.', '/') || '/' || object_name || '.xsodata' AS url FROM _SYS_REPO.runtime_objects WHERE object_suffix = 'xsodatart'


You can find the Github source here.


As usual, please free to try the app out and let me know what you think and if it could use any improvements.