Export Apple Photos to the Filesystem – Apple Script

I have never really used Apple Script, but recently had the desire to backup all my Apple Photos to my local NAS. I currently have all my photos organized in a Folder -> Album structure so pulled this Apple Script together together to get this done. Create a new Apple Script (*.scpt) and select the source Photos Folder and a location to save the files on your filesystem. Note: Slashes in the name case folders to be created ūüôĀ

tell application "Photos" activate set folderList to name of every folder set selectedFolders to choose from list folderList with prompt "Select folders:" with multiple selections allowed set destination to POSIX path of (choose folder with prompt "Please select a backup location:") repeat with f in folders if selectedFolders contains name of f then my exportFolder(f, destination, name) end if end repeat end tell -- export a folder to a given destination on exportFolder(tFolder, tPath, name) set folderName to tPath & "/" & name log folderName using terms from application "Photos" tell tFolder repeat with childAlbum in albums my exportAlbum(childAlbum, folderName) end repeat repeat with childFolder in folders set name to name of childFolder my exportFolder(childFolder, folderName, name) end repeat end tell end using terms from end exportFolder -- export an album to a given destination on exportAlbum(tAlbum, tPath) set alName to name of tAlbum set albumName to tPath & "/" & alName my makeFolder(albumName) log albumName tell application "Photos" try with timeout of 30 * 60 seconds export (get media items of tAlbum) to (albumName as POSIX file) with using originals end timeout on error tell me to delay 5 activate with timeout of 30 * 60 seconds export (get media items of tAlbum) to (albumName as POSIX file) with using originals end timeout end try end tell end exportAlbum on makeFolder(tPath) do shell script "mkdir -p " & quoted form of tPath end makeFolder read more

DIY – IGUS Slider for Timelapse and Long Exposure Photography

This was a fun project using a Arduino, a sliding rail and belt to pull a sled with a DSLR on it for taking long exposure photography, video or long exposures. This was mounted on a Tripod for some additional stability and flexibility.

Here is the Code: Link

TODO: Photos/Footage

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