List: Favorite Motocross Photos

These some of my most memorable photos from my motocross days.

Export Apple Photos to the Filesystem – Apple Script

I have never really used Apple Script, but recently had the desire to backup all my Apple Photos to my local NAS. I currently have all my photos organized in a Folder -> Album structure so pulled this Apple Script together together to get this done. Create a new Apple Script (*.scpt) and select the source Photos Folder and a location to save the files on your filesystem. Note: Slashes in the name case folders to be created 🙁

DIY: IGUS Slider for Timelapse and Long Exposure Photography

This was a fun project using a Arduino, a sliding rail and belt to pull a sled with a DSLR on it for taking long exposure photography, video or long exposures. This was mounted on a Tripod for some additional stability and flexibility.

Here is the Code: Link

TODO: Photos/Footage

List: Print Projects

While I am not a designer, I have always loved the concept, process and experimentation aspects of print projects. I grew up with Dot Matrix printers and the allure of bringing digital to reality grasped my attention early in life. These are some of the projects I have created digitally and subsequently printed for personal, marketing or informational needs.