List: Favorite Motocross Photos

These some of my most memorable photos from my motocross days.

Eastern Dirt Article: MX vs ATV Reflex Game Review

Games have come along way since my all time favorite Excite Bike on the NES but with today’s consoles pushing out more power than your moms microwave, there is no wonder companies like THQ are coming up with awe inspiring graphics, excitement and realism while being so immersive.

Like many of you I’m sure, I have spent countless hours playing the demo of MX vs ATV reflex. I know Sugar Ridge better than my local track and even started dreaming about nailing the elusive quad after the rolling whoops. When I finally received the final version I was excited to get to play a couple more tracks and get online to battle some of my moto rivals. The first part happened but second fell well short, but more on that in a minute. read more

Eastern Dirt Article: Stream Crossings

Stream Crossings

Trail Riding or racing in our part of the country it seems inevitable you are going to come across a stream, creek or small river to cross. In most cases it’s a fairly easy path to the other side but sometimes it can be tricky, consider these tips while navigating the water sections on your next crossing and it may end up being easier than you thought.

Some keys to remember:

9/10 times the rocks underneath are going to be pretty slick
Look for the shallowest and shortest point to cross
If you are unsure about the depth or strength of the current, get a stick and check before crossing!
Make sure you have an exit point to aim for on the other side read more