zSCN – A iPad SCN Community Reader

After spending a couple of months traveling in 2012, I wrote a personal app for reading and following content created on the SAP Community Network. Although it was slightly buggy and ghetto, I found it way faster than firing up my MBA to check if a comment or something helpful had been posted in my local Netweaver Gateway hangout. I spent the last +- 6 months using the app and after reading a few comments on the new Idea place and in the forums, I decided a couple of others may find it helpful and set out to build a user friendly version. 

Now on to the app …. firstly, starting up the app you are presented with a list of spaces (thanks to Jason Lax for creating a helpful list here!), secondly, the app uses the RSS feeds from each SCN “Space” to curate the content, each time you select a space the content is cached on the device (in a little SQLite DB) and refreshes each time the space is opened. You can also select the number of items which are downloaded in each category (blogs, documents and forums). After logging into SCN using your SCN username/password, it will download your spaces, people and saved content. Keep in mind that you cannot “save” or create content from the app, since the SCN API’s are not currently publicly available (I am hoping for some change on this!). However, each item can be selected and the original content will be displayed on the website where you can login and respond/comment. You can also easily email the item to a friend in need, or tweet it if you are a social butterfly 😉 

Currently the app has been written for iPad only but the iPhone version is in the works, but since blogs and more in depth content is more conducive to read on a tablet, I am still trying to decide if it would be warranted … any comment?

Personally, I am quite surprised the Community does not have a mobile app for iOS/Android since it would ultimately bring better adoption and collaboration amongst the users. Like all the other free apps I have developed, this is a work in progress and am hoping the direction and goals get driven by the community of users, so any and all constructive comments are welcome!

Here are a couple of screenshots and features of the app, you can download the iPad app here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zscn-for-sap-scn/id587877577?ls=1&mt=8

– Access to your saved spaces, bookmarks and people
– View all available SCN spaces 
– Blogs, messages and documents are all displayed on a single page for quick and easy browsing
– Each space includes relevant tweets 
– Share articles via email or twitter easily