SAP Note Viewer for iPhone

Well, its been an interesting few months with the XCode platform and learning Objective C was interesting, but I am glad to announce my side project has been released and is available in the Apple App Store. The free app is called SAP Note Viewer for iPhone and is just that … a SAP OSS Note viewer which allows people to search for and download the notes and store them on their iPhone/iPad in PDF format.

The app also allows you to share the note details via email and mark specific notes as “Favorites” for easy reference.

Since this is Version 1, my intention is to simply get the ball rolling and hope for some feedback from the community to get some ideas on where it should go and what functionality everyone would like to see.

The iPad version is up for review and I am hoping it will be approved any day now. So if you use SAP Notes regularly – keep an eye out for an app called “SAP Note Viewer for iPad”

Here are a few screenshots and a link to the app here. Feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Some ideas for version 2:

  • Note syncing across devices (between iPad and iPhone). 
  • A small and simple website where saved notes can be viewed, downloaded and then pushed to devices.
  • Better sort and marking features, including”Implemented”, “Delayed”, “Ignored” and so on.

If you are interested in a Android version, check out Dagfinn Parnas SAP support Note Viewer for Android SAP Support Note Viewer for Android grows up (new version)