SAP Note Viewer for iPad

Firstly, thanks to everyone for the support of the SAP Note Viewer for iPhone of this app, users have really been growing steadily since its release and as of yesturday we had around 925 users. Feedback has been great and some really awesome ideas are coming from  the community.

The app is currently in the App Store and can be found here.

The app has the same features as the iPhone version which have been listed below, but the ipad really is considerably better for viewing the notes than the phone.

I dont anticipate the app to do as well just due to the number of iPads versus iPhones in the market, but hopefully it will make a select few peoples lives just a little bit easier. (My intention!)

If you have an Android: SAP Support Note Viewer for Android grows up (new version).

Version 1 Features

  • Search for notes by note number
  • Notes are saved to device in PDF format for offline retrieval
  • Notes can be market as favorites for easy identification
  • Note URL’s can be shared via email
  • Username/password is saved (on your device only) for easy authentication

S-ID or I-ID is required for use with access to SAP Notes, a valid D, M SAP ID may also work as well ….