3D Printing Project: F1 Sim Wheel

I have always enjoyed the concept of being immersed into a virtual world. One of my first experiences with VR was in roughly 1993 when our local arcade introduced a game from one of the OG gaming founders John Waldron called Dactyl Nightmare on a 1000CS. After that experience, I have always wanted to build a motion sim which gets you as close to reality as possible.

Last year I took the first steps and decided to put the initial blocks in place and start with sim platform that I could eventually add motion to. I purchased a Fanatic wheel base and thought it would be a great learning experience to build the steering wheel from scratch. Many of the components can be built versus bought which is what is keeping me motivated to eventually get the entire system together.

Below are a few shots of the project and the outcome. The design is from a company called AM Studio. The fun aspect was the variety of prototyping, designing, cutting and printing involved. Multiple material types like the suede grips were something I didn’t have much experience with, and it was great to teach myself to solder again! All the buttons, dials, screen and switches work through a software tool called Simhub to integrate with games.

2 x 3mm A4 Carbon Fiber Decal
4 x M6 x 30mm Hex Threaded Connector Nuts 
8 x M6 x 16mm Button Head 
3 x M5 x 40mm Cap Socket bolts
3 x M5 Nuts 
3 x M3 x 5mm Grub Screw for Encoder Knob 
6 x M3 x 30mm Cap Socket (trimmed to size) 
6 x M3 Nuts
Suede Material 
10 x M3 x 30mm  Cap
10 x M3 Nuts 
4 x M3 x 10mm Cap
4 x M3 Nuts 
2 x KW-10 Switch 
4 x 8 x 5mm Magnets 
4 x M3 x 10mm
4 x M3 Nuts
Black acrylic
Nextion 4.3” USB-TTL
USB Hub ProMicro 
6 x 12mm buttons
3 x Encoders with flat shaft 
2 x 3way Momentary toggles 
1 x 4Pin GX-12 connection socket  
(optional) Wire
FTDI Serial to USB
3D Print
Enclosure Cover
Encoder Knob
Shift Lever
Shifter Top
Shift Switch Holder
Left Handle
Right Handle
Paddle Left
Paddle Right
Screen Cover