Web App: Momz.co.za

Shortly before Charlotte being born, I recognized that there were quite a few US websites focused on support moms going through their journey of pregnancy, and the early years of of raising kids. Trying to emulate this for the South African market and emerging internet base, I built momz.co.za.

The page title was “Helping South African Moms with pregnancy, recipes, food, forums, safety and kids”


Technology wise the product was built using the community platform Dolphin, from Boonex. It is a great product and had multiple social media aspects available out of the box along with features like forums, blogs, groups and news, which was perfect for launching this community.


I hired 3 writers from South Africa to create 1 news/blog post per week, and we hosted various competitions for uploading pictures, and encouraging questions, to drive some of the content creation.

Site Stats

When I shut the site down in around September of 2009, these were the final stats. Not exactly what I had planned, but happy with the effort and progress we made as a team.

587 Members, 14 Events, 1163 Posts,  416 Tags, 102 Articles, 30 Groups