Side project:

Like a lot of my side projects, was built out of a personal need. Golfedout is intended to track the variety of golf courses I have played over the last 6 or 7 years since I took up the game a little more seriously. When I started the project it was a simple list of courses, and then evolved into a more elaborate application which allowed you to follow other golfers, partake in a leader board, view course details such as architects or addresses and I also added a gamification aspect. Another aspect I was interested in, is how many of the top 100 golf courses have I played? How many PGA tour courses have I played? In the end I believe I may have made considerably more complex than others might have needed. If you are a avid golfed or interested, here is a link to my profile: read more

Web App: RSSza

RSSza was a website I developed in 2007, it was essentially a content/link aggregator which periodically ran pulling in news and information from RSS feeds. It was probably the first web app I had developed which got some traction and I received some good, and constructive comments from folks on various areas of improvement. After some feedback the site was considered “information overload”, I let users create a profile and customize their feeds.

I shut the site down in around 2011.

List: My Websites

Any websites that I have designed, developed and hosted

2007Facebook.comDeveloped a bunch of small apps for Social Media Platforms including, a surf game, I support, My Family, Flags, In Memory of, My Star Sign and a couple more
2008myfbfamily.comA online store for purchasing stick figure family stickers made in FacebookZencart news and results website for Motocross in South Africa.Static HTML
2010AMGA landing page for Aschmann Media Group
2006MXMapLine.comA database of Motocross tracks rendered on Google Maps.PHP, MySQL RSS aggregator from a collection of African websites.PHP, MySQLPost bookmark engine for South African Websites.PHP, MySQL
2009Baby BubsyA store for Pacifier Clips for babies.Zencart
2007Eastern DirtA fun project developing the frontend and also was a content writer/tester for motocross related articles.WordPress community website for South African moms for baby related shopping, articles and knowledge sharing.WordPress
2011Bathroom ButlerA website for Bathroom Butler to showcase their products.WordPress
2008SponsorRC.comA clone of but for RC racers. It let RC enthusiasts create a profiles, blog post, photos and results and apply for sponsorships with companies in the industry.PHP, MySQLLink
2009Federal & State Tax ServicesA basic WordPress site for Larry and his tax service companyWordPress
2012Tournament Scores +A Web and Mobile App Volleyball Tournament website for Troy? Tournament Scores Plus?
2012N. Prentis & SonA basic landing page & information site for N. Prentis & SonStatic
2009Project9A POC for a Timeline centered app for eventsPHP, MySQL
2008SAP CustomersA website to purchase a list of SAP Customers for Sales and Marketing opportunitiesStatic
2009Charlotte RC ParkA website for Charlotte Motorsports park in HuntersvilleWordPress
2003AKsysA simple company website for AKsys USA, the company I was working for.Static
2022Changd.appA open source project and website for monitoring website changes.Angular, Postgres, NodeJSPost
2017GolfedOutA social network for tracking a list of golf courses you have played around the world.Angular, Postgres, NodeJSPost
2018HighlighTVA landing page for the iOS, iPadOS and AppleTV appAngular, Postgres, NodeJSPost
2013Lithium LabsA information/promotion page for Lithium Labs
2020Octive SoftwareA information/promotion page for Octive SoftwareAngular, Postgres, NodeJS
2020Qubit2.comA community driven web app which lets users link runnable code with scientific papers.Angular, Postgres, NodeJSPost
2019Rocky Branch ParkA information site to promote the parkStatic
2020Golf Club LabelsA web store for customizing and purchasing golf club shaft labelsWordPress, WooCommerce