Supplier Analytics – a new free iPad app

After writing about utilizing javascript charts in iOS apps a little while ago, I decided it would be a good marketing tool for my company (Lithium Labs) to develop a free/public app which demonstrated the features of using such technologies on handheld devices. The free app is called Supplier Analytics and when using the sample dataset gives you some insight into how a enterprise app could be used in an automotive manufacturing/supplier environment. The app gives operations or managers insight into the performance and operational well-being of a company globally, and nationally by subsequently drilling down into a production facility or branch.

The app is designed to be an “offline” app – unlike most apps these days which are all striving to have syncing and “always on” connectivity, I think dashboards and report based data can be just as effective without jumping through hoops.

From a technology perspective the app is a native iPad app developed with XCode and uses javascript charting controls to display the datasets which are made available through a regular IIS/Apache/ITS/Gateway/PI or SUP server and cached locally on the device for offline use.

Here are a couple of screenshots and a link if you are interested in trying it out for yourself.


Have any comments or questions? Constructive criticism is always welcome.