iOS App: Production Insights for SAP

Aesthetically, this was probably one of my most enjoyable projects. I spent a considerable amount of time designing and working with users on understanding their needs, and then subsequently transforming those needs into requirements and into the app design.

The app displays Work Centers and then displays the production orders, and their details assigned to the each of them. This allows supervisors to quickly and easily oversee the production orders, and their progress toward their targets from their mobile device such as an iPad or iPhone.

Production Insight for SAP gives production and operations managers, planners and personnel an overview of manufacturing performance and progress on their iPads. The user can also take pictures of quality issues, or machines and easily email to collegues or maintenance for MWO repairs. The app also has a “timelime” feature which shows a history or events, notes, photos and emails created, which gives a clean overview of the tasks and history tracking.