Designing, building and then using something you have made, has been one of the most rewarding and personally satisfying activities I have found in my life so far. I was born a tinkerer, always disassembling, trying to understand and improve or recreate.

My favorite TV show is “How it’s made”.

I have way too many expensive tools, printers, cutters and machines, and not a single one has made a significant return on the investment … but, what I have learned using them has been 10x …

Its not just the tool, its the tools to use the tool, the software to design the product, the process to start, run or finish the machine or product, the prep work, consideration and the functionality.

Everything about building is human.

Wood work in primary school is what triggered this. I was lucky to be inspired early in my life, and shown that with the right materials, process and design, anything is possible. Your creativity is the limit. High school introduced me to technical drawing and metal work. Thankfully due to that exposure I was always able to design and build solutions to small challenges at home, with hobbies or just trying to be creative.

I plan to eventually post all of my DIY projects, but you can already find a couple here:

Garmin Mount

Giant Storage Box

Bike Wheel Hook