Using Netweaver Gateway Development Tool for XCode and Gateway 2.0 SP03

I recently downloaded the Linux pre-configured gateway trail along with the developer tool for XCode and ran into some issues that none of my newly created services were being displayed in the service list from the tool. 

After doing some digging it seems the tool was originally developed for Gateway 2.0 SP02 and currently does not seem to support SP03 perfectly. When trying to discover the services it is checking the SData ICF Node versus the OData node which is where all services are defined for Gateway 2.0 SP03. Whats even more odd, is that the services show up only when the new OData Node is completely disabled.

If you are having issues discovering the services you have created (possibly in one of the awesome pre-configured gateway trials) open up the /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE Tcode and try to disable the OData ICF Node. By default the services are created with both SData and OData nodes for backwards compatibility. Then refresh your services in the tool to check if the service is now available.


Now …. Back to getting the tool to successfully reading one of my services 🙂