1/8 Losi 8ight RTR

In 2009 I got back into RC Car racing after watching the Off-Road 1/8 scale championships here in Charlotte.


Type: Buggy 
Scale: 1/8th 
Length: 19.5 in (495mm) 
Width: 12.13 in (308mm) 
Wheelbase: 12.64 in -12.80 in (321mm-325mm) 
Weight: 7.14 lbs (3.24kg) 
Motor or Engine: Team Losi 427 engine 
Shock Type: Oversized, threaded, hard-anodized 
Body: Factory decorated body 
Fuel Tank Capacity: 125cc

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1/8 Losi Inferno DX

Purchased in Singapore in 2004.

Released by Kyosho in 1992, the Inferno DX 4WD Buggy – # 3290 – was an entry level version of the inferno, and came partly assembled, with a lexan polycarbonate Bodyshell, a pre-installed Kyosho GS21-CR Engine with Muffler and Pull-Start. A Radio System and Fuel to be purchased separately.

   The 4WD model is shaft driven, on an alloy plate chassis, with gear type differentials, coil spring over oil filled plastic dampers, dogbone drive-shafts, front and rear braking system and bushings.

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List: RC Cars

I have loved RC Cars since I was around 11. On Sundays my family would take a drive out to the West Bank in East London and watch the RC planes and the on-road 1/8 scale gas cars.

January?1991?1/10 Tamiya Monster BeetleLink
December?19941/8 Kyosho Inferno DXLink
July20081/8 Losi 8ight RTRLink
September20091/8 Losi 8ight 2.0 RTRLink
20091/10 Traxxas SlashLink
20101/8 Losi 8ight 2.0

RC Notes: March 10th 2010

To Do

Check LSN (with Carb open!) – Should idle for 10+ seconds before dropping down.

Make sure to have at least 8″ of Fuel and Pressure line.

Check Linkage and opening (without Venturi) also check its clear.

Houston suggestions for Carb: 4.5 on LSN (Open Carb!), 3.75 on HSN


LSN – Almost Flush

HSN – just in from flush (1/2 – 1/4)


Wheel balancer

Bearing Lube

Rear wing mount on RTR

Air Filter Cover

Rear hinge brace covers – Ordered read more