2010 ASUG Presentation @ Charlotte Motor Speedway


A highlevel view of why companies should build their infratructure around ESA and what the future holds for SAP 2.0

Page 1: Examples of open arcitechure (Facebook, twitter, XML, EDI, FTP, SAP forums etc.)

               – Heard this morning about computing in the cloud, just one aspect of Web 2.0

               – Web 2.0 is not tangible but rather a openess of communications, systems and people, people willing to share

Page 2: What is SAP SOA, what are the fundamentals been around a good few years, but have not come across many people who say, you know what we have a 10 year plan to go down this road using this set of specifications or servers and this SAP system. That is the great thing about building a SOA environment, is that it doesnt really matter whats on either end of the telephone or even what language they are speaking in, its in a way heterogenous.

Page 3: What is the value in building these systems in this manner, low risk, because its more of a concept than a technology. Same as real world services in every day life – you need some plumbing work, you call a plumber, you need an electritian etc. Rather than learning about all this things with 1 system its a strategy

Page 4: This is not another packgae/license that you need to pay SAP for, but is an investment into the landsape of your current system

Page 5 – 8: A practical example of what ESA is and what value it holds, negative aspects of SOA (ever evolving technologies which are game changers) – Expensive

Page 9: A look into the future and what SAP 2.0 or skip 2.0 and directly to SAP 3.0 (symatec web) holds for SAP

Page 10: What is Aksys doing to build around these technologies and what is our strategy for SOA? BI system, which gathers data based on geo location, during our implementation we buit applications which utilized services rather than interfaces.