Working with Bluetooth for iOS Applications

I recently purchased a Concept2 rower and started doing some indoor rowing to change up my workout routines. I was considering developing a live rowing platform to compete with friends and make the workouts more interactive. It turned out there were already a few options on the market, so I shelved the idea.

But, since the Concept2 allows 3rd party connectivity, I still was curious how integration, discovery, and notifications would work from an iOS device. I was able to find a nice SDK, but it was considerably outdated (5 years) so I decided to use that as a foundation and port the application to Swift 5 and get it working for anyone else interested in developing a rowing app for iOS.

I open sourced the project and you can find the repo on Github here:

The original Concept2 SDK is very well written and clear and easy to understand. This was my first experience in writing an iOS app using the Core Bluetooth Framework but don’t think it will be my last!