Training matrix was built from a customer demand/requirement, essentially it is a web app providing a way for a companies to track which equipment employees are authorized to work with, or operate. It falls in the employee training management software space, but not necessarily a tool for conducting the training or hosting it, like a traditional Learning Management System.

The reason the name of “Training matrix” came about is that managers or supervisors can get a concise overview of which employees are trained to work in various work area, in a matrix like view.

From an architecture standpoint, it’s a full stack app running on Node.js using Postgres for persistence. All components are running on AWS.

Like a good majority of my projects, the backend has a few dependencies on some practical libraries, such as Express, pg-promise and bluebird, all make JS dev considerably easier to manage. Automated UI/Integration testing is done with the help of Chai, Chance and Cheerio, and API docs get some help from swagger-jsdoc.

On the frontend, the web app is running Angular, uses Bootstrap and has some help from Chartist, and one of the most practical libraries out there, moment.js.

This is the landing page describing a few of the features.