List: Computers & Electronics

A list of my notable and memorable desktops, laptops, electronic and equipment from all these years.

1990First PCMy first introduction to PC’s was when the business next door to my dad’s business in Station Street, the owner gave him some PC’s in lieu of rent. A 386? with an Amber display was my first PC. MS-DOS 6? installed and spent some time messing with the command line. The PC had Lotus 1-2-3 installed and came with a *massive* manual.
1993Panasonic RQ-2107 Portable Cassette PlayerSpent a lot of time listening to, and falling asleep, to music with this device. The player was from the late 80’s but I slowly claimed it as my own a little after that ūüôā
1994Second PCMy second PC we purchased from Compusys in East London in around 1994. It had a 486DX2 processor and ran Windows 3.11 and later I upgraded it to Windows 95. Microsoft Encarta constantly impressed my friends.
~1998Third PCMy third desktop was also purchased from Compusys in EL in around 1998. It had a Pentium II Celeron Processor and ran Windows 98. Did some gaming on it.
1998Nokia 6120First Cellphone
1999CamcorderMy first online purchase and first camcorder purchased on … did some MX filming out at the EL MX Track on it with Alon.
2000Palm PilotFirst Palm Pilot purchased from Cash Crusaders in Quigney.
2001Ericcson T28
2002Canon Elura 40MCDigital video camera, purchased from Best Buy in ~ February of 2003
2004Canon SD110
2004Apple iPod Mini
2005Apple iPod Shuffle
2005Blackberry 7105t
2006Nintendo WiiCanon Rebel T2i
2006Xbox 360
2006Dell 2950 Server
2007Apple iPhone 3GFirst iPhone Adopter, purchased from ATT the store in Gastonia where it was really quiet on launch day
2007Apple MacbookBough to do app development, but really struggled to get used to the OS
2008Apple Mac Mini
2008Olympus ¬Ķ-770SWUnder water camera
2009Canon Rebel T2iFirst DSLR, bought to mainly shoot video
2011MacBook Air
~ 2011Canon Rebel T4iBought after my T2i was stolen on my way to East London from JNB, my bag was too big to fit in an overhead compartment and somewhere en-route the camera was stolen ūüôĀ
2013Raspberry Pi 3Bought to run RetroPi and some home automation projects. (Mainly temp sensors). Also ended up using it for some other small projects.
2014Google GlassWon a pair at the Hackathon
2016Oculus RiftPreordered