List: Books

Ready Player OneErnest ClineFinished
What ifRandall MunroeFinished
NudgeRichard ThalerFinished
WhenDaniel PinkFinished
Smarter, Faster, BetterCharles DuhiggFinished
Everybody LiesSeth StephensFinished
A random walk down wall streetBurton G MalkielFinished
The Art of WarJames Clavo – suggested by Sunil ErevellesFinished
Full EmploymentWiiliam Beverage
Secrets of Sand Hill RdScott Kapur
MisbehavingRichard Thaler
What is RealAdam BeckerFinished
The better angels of our nature: Why violence has declinedSteven PinkerFinished
Principles: Life and workRay Dalio
Narrative EconomicsRobert Shiller
MultipliersLiz Wiseman
The jungleSinclair Upton
Building Mobile Apps at Scale: 39 Engineering Challenges Gergely Orosz