Human Behavior in Organizations

This was one of my first, and most enjoyable classes during my MBA at UNCC … We only had to read a portion of the book, but I enjoyed it so much I read it cover to cover. (Essentials of Organizational Behavior, 13th edition).

Behavioral knowledge and skills essential to becoming an effective manager/leader including behavior and motivation in an environment of complexity and rapid change and ethical implications of actions and their effects on demographically diverse and increasingly international work force.

The major objective of this course is to improve your effectiveness as a manager by providing you with a foundation of knowledge in topics including motivation, leadership, personality, and managing teams and to develop your ability to apply this knowledge to the solution of managerial problems. This course thus blends readings grounded in solid theory and research, class discussions focusing on real-world cases, examples from the popular business press, and exercises focusing on specific skills. An evidence-based approach to understanding and improving workplace health, well-being, and effectiveness, from an organizational behavior perspective, is emphasized.

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