Eastern Dirt Article: Risk Racing – Lock n Load

Risk Racing “Lock-n-Load”

When EDM asked me to test the lock-n-load system from risk racing I was eager to get my hands on the product to give it a once-over. I am constantly looking for ways to make transporting my bike easier and quicker to load in my cargo van. The lock-n-load system does just that, it lets you eliminate your bar scratching, fork squashing, bearing ruining tie downs for a footpeg catch and lock system which works pretty well.

Like all of risks products the lock-n-load is made extremely well and comes in a glossy black finish. Installation is fairly straight forward, 2 flat base plates get installed into your trailer, cargo van or hauler using 4 bolts. These 2 base plates serve as the mount for the actual lock-n-load stand which can be installed and removed in a couple of seconds thanks to 4 thumb screws.  

Once you have the system installed using it is fairly easy, prior to loading your bike you would loosen the 2 knobs on either side which will allow the “jaws” to expand, once expanded you would tighten the knob.  Your bike can now be loaded, once in position you would simply step or push on either side jaw which will compress the top section locking the bike in place. When you ready to unload you would loosen the knobs and press down on the top jaws again causing the locking pins to disengage and release your bike. When using the system it takes a minute to get it ready to load your bike by tightening and loosening the knobs, but it is extremely quick to unload it.

Some of the notable benefits of the system include:

  • Saving fork seals
  • No more wheel chocks, tie downs or floor anchors
  • Allows you to load more bikes and gear into the trailer
  • Quick release to remove the stand from the transporter

Overall I was very impressed with the lock-n-load system I think it’s an innovative solution to securing and transporting bikes.