PlayerUnknown: Battlegrounds

This was a strange introductory experience for me, but one of my work colleagues and friends was responsible for the SAP Sponsorship/Partnership of Team Liquid and he suggested that this game was blowing up. I started watching gamers play it on Twitch (ChocoTaco) and looked like fun, and prompted me to build a gaming PC and try it out. For the past 5 years I have surprisingly been hooked … from eSports to watching some great players/streamers like TGLTN, this game has really been a key entertainment generator for me. Playing this game has a huge pressure factor, and being a competitive person, it is so awesome to win a “Chicken Dinner”. I think I have taken photos of nearly all of my wins, and being a very mediocre gamer, something I have actually been quite proud of.

Battle Royal is such a unique genre, with each match containing 100 online players; a time based circle forcing everyone toward the center; the unique timeline and events that every single game produces; the investment of +- 30 minutes per match; and finally down to the end game when its just you and one other player standing in your way from a win, is surprisingly tense, but very rewarding.