Cards against SAP

Being an SAP Mentor I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting and interacting with many different SAP Executives and Leaders (One of my favorite was Hasso Plattner) … and in these meetings we would often chat about technology, platforms, innovation and the future of the company. In order to flip the script a bit and make things fun, I decided to put together a “Cards against SAP” type game, I never had the chance to use/introduce it, but here are a few questions I thought would be fun to ask:

  1. The keynote this morning was completely ruined by _______.
  2. The keynote this morning was awesome thanks to ________.
  3. A SAP product would not be complete without ______.
  4. In the context of SAP Products ….praise _____ , Marry ______, Kill _____.
  5. If I could make _______ happy, my my life would be complete.
  6. SAP as a company could do without ___________.
  7. SAP as a company could really use ____________.
  8. My boss is ___________.
  9. I think SAP stands for:
  • Slow and Painful
  • Suffer and Pain
  • Seriously annoying program
  • Sweet apple pie
  • Send another payment
  • Start adding people
  1. What do you think is the one game changing product has (besides HANA).
  2. What is one new product/service/solution which you believe could make SAP successful?
  3. If Salesforce could __________ I would be happy.
  4. If Oracle could _______ I would be happy.
  5. If HANA had a sibling who would it be?
  6. If SAP Streamwork didn’t die, it would be __________ today.
  7. If SAP JAM could ___________ I would be ecstatic.
  8. HCP is missing _________ to make it really successful.
  9. HCP has ____________ which is its key differentiator.
  10. ABAP is not dead, its simply __________.
  11. The SAP Mentors could ________.
  12. What would be your dream job?
  13. Best thing that has happened to you this week?
  14. I don’t leave home without _____.
  15. If you could develop one product at SAP, what would it be?
  16. If you could read one persons mind, whose would it be?
  17. If you could ask Hasso one question, what would it be?
  18. Have you ever met a celebrity?
  19. Would you rather upset a swarm of bees, or Hasso?
  20. One SAP Exec you would take to an amusement park ________.
  21. Favorite bumper sticker?
  22. The new SCN 1DX community is __________.
  23. I wish someone would blog about ___________.
  24. I wish someone would tweet about __________.
  25. I hope someone does not tweet about _________.
  26. If Vishal was still around, he would not be ________.
  27. SAP should acquire _________.
  28. SAP should have never acquired _______.